Design Consultation

You may be interested in a one off or regular meeting to discuss your garden and how to respond to the design challenges it presents. This suits people who are looking for help with a small area or a specific challenge rather than a comprehensive plan. Just as in larger projects, the aim is to meet your requirements through creative and practical solutions.

Detailed Design

Here a standard design process is followed from initial consultation through to final concept and planting plans. This involves discussion about your objectives, the development of a full design brief, site analysis and final plans.


See how the design process works


At the end of this process you will have plans that you or your contractor could use to construct and plant the garden.


This is the most comprehensive of my services and ideal if you are starting from scratch or refurbishing an existing garden.

Plant Selection

If you are wanting to get the most from your planting but feel a bit at sea when it comes to plant choice this could be a good option for you. Plants make the garden come to life and careful selection can reap huge rewards later. This process involves a consultation where plant choice is the only topic.


Every garden has its own unique microclimate and mistakes with planting can be costly. The range of plants suitable for your desired effect can be selected with my help and a great outcome assured.

Plant Sourcing & Supply

Some clients enjoy visiting all the suppliers to buy but others ask for help in finding the plants they want. Many opt for the most convenient options without considering the alternatives. If you know what you want but need a little help in getting it I can help.

Project Management

When the time comes to construct the garden many follow the self build path. Others prefer to have someone else engage with the contractors and see that the garden is properly installed. If you are busy having a project manager is the answer.